ITSM and business workflows for the digital age

ITRP is very intuitive and easy to use. The aim is to increase efficiency and effectiveness of workflows. We digitalize workflows fast and simple. The automation of ITIL workflows and business workflows are at the core of ITRP.

In the context of ITIL ITRP provides mature and ready to use out of the box configurations. End-to-end workflows are automated with the help of the techwork automator.

Your data are stored in Austria - on neutral territory. Austria

Product characteristics

  • High Performance
  • Workfow integration between organizations i.e. APA-IT cusotmers can integrate APA-IT out of the box
  • Fast set-up
  • Beautiful user interface
  • Mobile ready on all devices
  • Service oriented
  • Real time inbox
  • End-to-end SLA tracking out of the box

  • Developed with new state of the art technologies
  • Significantly cheaper then "Magic quadrant" applications

  • Updates

  • Austria: 2 to 3 updates per year
  • Cloud: 2 to 3 updates per month